23rd June 2016. Decision time is here.

The day has arrived.
23 June. The long awaited referendum: Will UK stay or will it go.
As markets have been wobbling all around with the value of the pound, the campaigners have been in 5th gear for last 2 days. London was impossible to traverse yesterday without bumping into a remain loud mouth. Stickers, posters, flyers! All being thrown onto the desperate public in her daily rushed fury.
The few and far in between leavers shouted their case desperately. But they were never left alone by the big and numerous remain camp. The leavers would not find isolation in their flight for opinions smite. They would always be accompanied willingly or not, by a brisk flurry of remain folk.

Nature had its say as well. With overnight and continuing: thunder, lightning and showers. As the heavens meticulously opened and ruined morning commuters’ life, nature has spoken. A vote will require dedication. No casual affair to be seen here. Rain has a history of swinging votes. After all, who will ruin their garments for the game of democracy?
The English aren’t the Swiss. There no democracy veterans here. The standard 5 year vote affair has been interrupted by a vote of clubs or not. A vote on whether the connection to Europe is concrete. A vote deciding if government delegates (MEPs) are residents within Brussels confines or are they just visitors. Do they get their desk and placard or do they shake and leave?

The choice is tough. Logic is definitely not the public’s strongest feature.
Polls show old voting out, young voting in. But that of mainstream senses is lost. The old, reliant on their pension sustainability should definitely love the constant fresh influx of willing migrants, grinding the daily gears and paying into the unsustainable pot.
The young on the other hand are in un fussed at the shrinking wages and bigger employment competition. As the whole core Europe’s young descend upon this great Isle.

But how will the vote turn out. How will the future be re engineered?
Personal prediction is here:
65 - 35 for Remain.

Let’s see how the public fare in the rain & mud of this Thursdays grey struggle.
One is certain: Europe was and is shaken.


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