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The World Divide. The new BRICS standard?

When one does research into economic division into todays world standing a scary revelation can come alight. Four concentrated bodies in this world make up 65% of the economy. The world economy. These are EU, China, Japan and US. The remaining 35% is made up from the 157 other nations. Being stand outs from this category can be seen as Brazil, Russia, India, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Korea, Indonesia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Most of these contribute between 1 to 3% of global output.

What about the rest? The other 147 nations? Each one with their own flag, anthem and pride? Well most do not each even reach 1% of global output. One of these could not be present tomorrow and the world would not feel its impact. Scary phenomenon or just dark realities of today’s economic world?
Well the wealth concentration among nations is as starkly skewed as it is within nations.

So why is there a...

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The atmosphere of commerciality

People adapt to communities around them. As noticed from a recent trip to Europes love capital Paris, one can judge the constant change in people behaviour from both tourist and locals. Fashion, Behaviour and Mood all blends in together the people which are entwined within. The only difference that stays apart is the language. Some loud, some delicate, some mildly offensive. The international community seems happy.

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